Mount Pleasant Tree Service & Removals

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New Leaf Tree Service is the team of skilled professionals you need to call if you want the job done safely and correctly. Whether you need trees removed, cut back, or have something special in mind, our ISA Certified Arborist will be right on hand to manage the process to its completion. Don't make the sometimes dangerous and costly mistake of going with a company whose specialty is not tree removal. Entrust your job to New Leaf Tree Service, the tree service company in Mount Pleasant, SC.

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Tree Removal

The best way to get dead or unwanted trees removed safely and effectively is to call a professional. We specialize in cutting and removing trees from your property.

Tree Pruning

Our tree climbers are highly skilled and trained by the International Society of Arboriculture’s strict pruning standards.

Stump Grinding

The stump grinder grinds all woody material including roots to about 4-6” below grade.

Emergency Removal

We know how to safely remove fallen trees and tree parts from homes and property safely and efficiently.