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Maintaining healthy and beautiful trees requires proper tree care and maintenance. At New Leaf Tree Service, we are dedicated to caring for trees and the environment. Our certified arborist and dedicated, experienced crew can help you maintain healthy trees with professional tree trimming. 

If you are interested in learning more about tree trimming or want to schedule service, please contact us at (843) 603-8696

Tree Trimming for Better Tree Health 

Trees create oxygen, beautify the landscape, provide shade for us and homes for animals, and increase property value. Caring for your trees will help them stay healthy and strong and improve their appearance. Trimming your trees can improve the overall structure and appearance of the tree, which enhances the beauty of your landscape. In addition to making your trees look better, tree trimming offers significant benefits for the health of your trees. 

Regular tree trimming benefits tree health by: 

  • Preventing the growth of weak branches 
  • Removing dead branches 
  • Allowing better air circulation 
  • Increasing natural light to the tree and surrounding landscape 

For many property owners, knowing if and when trees should be trimmed can be confusing. Trimming your trees at the right time of year is important. The best time to trim your trees is in the late winter or early spring. Ideally, you want to trim your trees before the buds begin to open in the springtime. This is known as the dormant phase. 

Tree trimming in the dormant phase is better because: 

  • There is less sap, so the job isn’t as messy
  • Disease and pest infestations are less of a problem at these times of year 
  • Wounds heal faster 

The species of the tree and when it blooms can influence the best time to perform trimming. Some species should be trimmed when fully dormant in the winter months, while trees that bloom in the spring can be trimmed later. A knowledgeable certified arborist can provide specific advice for the types of trees that are on your property. 

Tree trimming requires the right knowledge, expertise, and equipment to get the job done right without causing damage to the tree. Trimming at the wrong time of year, in the wrong place, or cutting the branches incorrectly can cause damage and leave the tree vulnerable to fungus, disease, pests, and decay. For this reason, it is important to hire a professional with the right training and experience. 

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At New Leaf Tree Service, we are committed to the environment and passionate about the knowledge it takes to properly care for trees. We have extensive knowledge and a certified arborist to provide reliable advice and expert services to keep your trees healthy and strong. We offer free estimates for tree trimming in Mount Pleasant, SC and our other tree services. 

If your trees need trimming, please call (843) 603-8696 for a free estimate and to schedule service.

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